Meet Adele Burrell,  Pharmacist at Aclardian Ltd.

It is certainly very unusual and equally enviable that a child of 14 years of age knows what they want to do in life in terms of a career. Let’s be honest there are many of us who may admit quietly to themselves after decades in a profession that they are still unsure of their chosen vocational path.

However this was not the case for Adele Burrell, Aclardian’s  pharmacist, the career epiphany came whilst in the school’s career advice office where she found a leaflet about pharmacy.

Adele then went on to obtain a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Bath – ‘I was very fortunate to be able to study in an amazingly beautiful city’.

Registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council as a practising pharmacist Adele first became involved with Aclardian around 6 years ago; working an increasing number of hours for Aclardian on a part-time basis whilst still doing a few locums in community pharmacy.

Spending all of her working life in Community Pharmacy, Adele trained with Boots in Lincoln, and also worked in small independent pharmacies in Derby, Nottingham and Cambridgeshire.
‘I have really enjoyed it, particularly building a rapport with, and supporting, the customers’.

It is fair to say that Adele’s day is multifaceted starting with an eventful drive to work through the A14 upgrade roadworks, a statement that may still ring true even if you are reading this many years after publication.
Then it’s being available to take orders and answer queries – having worked in a pharmacy Adele is in a good position to answer queries from our pharmacy customers, as she has a thorough understanding of their business.
This is interspersed with some picking and packing, and administration when it’s a bit quieter. ‘We’re quite a small team, so it’s all hands on deck sometimes’.

When not battling through the A14 roadworks and multitasking at Aclardian Adele has a busy family life; ‘I have five children (including triplets), and even though they are all now over 18, they seem to still take up a lot of my time’.
Adele has a passion for rock concerts – Slade, Australian Pink Floyd and Def Leppard are lined up for December – and travel is another interest, with trips to Amsterdam, Peru and the Galapagos Islands planned for 2019.


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