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Aclardian is a leading provider of unlicensed medicines also known as ‘specials’. Based in Cambridge and established in 2011 Aclardian’s experienced team is dedicated to bringing the most needed medicines, in appropriate formulations to hospital and community pharmacies throughout the UK.


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At Aclardian our key focus is to offer GMP batch manufactured products of consistently high quality and good value. We understand the financial constraints placed upon the NHS and believe in offering our products at competitive prices and in a transparent and ethical manner.

We also supply products imported from worldwide sources, these are items unavailable in the UK & are over labelled.

Where there is a clinical need, we work in partnership with paediatric clinical professionals to develop innovative solutions to solve problems and enhance the range of child friendly special medicines available. One example is a drug in solution form for tube administration.

For medical professionals our price list is available on request through the Aclardian website via secure login.  Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your current requirements and we will do our utmost to answer any questions you may have.

We are very happy to provide Certificates of Analysis or Conformity where available for products and offer next business day delivery.

We look forward to working with you.

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