Aclardian – Staff Profile – Claire Bates CEO of Aclardian Ltd.

As you may know Aclardian specialises in providing high quality unlicensed medicines throughout the United Kingdom and Southern Ireland, but what about the people that make it all happen? In this case we will be having a quick chat with the new CEO of Aclardian, Claire Bates. Hello Claire and congratulations on your new role at Aclardian, can you tell us a little more about this role and what it entails? ‘In my new role as CEO, I am working with the team to focus on enhancing our relationships with existing and new suppliers to ensure that we continue to provide a sustainable first-class service to our growing customer base”. But it is not all about providing a first-class service in terms of rapidly dispatching medicines, what makes Aclardian a leading supplier of unlicensed medicines? “We pride ourselves on our ethical, transparent business model and are determined to offer the best value service to our customers. We not only look at the cost factor but we also aim to work with partner companies with highly accredited GMP standards”.

Claire Bates and Adele Burrell with Aclardian at Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2018

So what does Claire Bates’ day look like? “Busy and long best describes it! Recently I have enjoyed spending more time visiting current and potential customers and suppliers with our Business Development Executive, Mokuba, and Dan Roach who is a Co-owner of Aclardian, with particular emphasis on looking for market penetration opportunities for our niche drug developed to assist infants”. So you obviously enjoy your work at Aclardian, what makes this the case? “Aclardian is an exciting new venture in its eighth year of operation that focuses on the Specials market. We look to build strong relationships with our customers and act as a one stop shop for their needs where applicable. We have historically focused on the supply of our products to mainland UK and the Outer Hebrides, but are now currently working to increase our coverage to Southern and Northern Ireland”. That does sound exciting. Have you always been in the pharmaceutical industry? “No, I have a business school background and have held a number of roles in different industry sectors mainly in Customer Service & Administration. I’ve found the skills and experience gained in those differing roles is proving to be invaluable in my current role”. And I suppose I should ask, will Brexit have any impact? “Aclardian has an open view on Brexit and we are eager to understand the impact on dealing with Southern Ireland as we head towards March”. But it can’t all be hard work, there must be a Claire outside of Aclardian? “I’ve been happily married for 21 years to Richard, who’s a chemist. We are blessed with two children; Josh who has just started studying Chemical Engineering at Sheffield Hallam after a gap year, and Iona who is embarking on her first year of studying for her A levels. I have always been a pet lover, having spent many years in my youth as a volunteer at Wood Green animal shelters. Currently our home boasts our 12-year-old Sprocker Jazz, (a cross between a springer and cocker spaniel), and our three cats Fifi, Levi and Strauss. I like to travel, entertain and love a long dog walk. Thank you Claire and good luck with the new position.  

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