Happy 70th Birthday National Health Service

The National Health Service is celebrating 70 years of providing health care and still utilises the three key principles set out by Aneurin Bevan in 1948. These were to provide health care to all in need, must be free at the point of service and care provided is based on medical requirement not the ability to pay.
Here at Aclardian we showed our appreciation of the NHS’s birthday by joining in on the ‘Big 7Tea’ a national event which saw many raising a cuppa and sharing cakes with the proceeds and donation going to the seventy plus NHS charities.

The Papworth Trust

After much breaking, beating and baking a fine selection of homemade cakes made their way into Aclardian and were promptly consumed with the monies raised going to our local NHS charity, the Papworth Trust.

Founded in 1917 the Papworth Trust was originally set up by Dr. Pendrill Varrier-Jones for sufferers of Tuberculosis and was then called Cambridgeshire Tuberculosis Colony.
Apart from providing health care the colony also housed patients and offered opportunities for work with the construction of factories in the 1930’s. From these factories a wide range of goods were produced including cabinet making, travel goods, carpentry, leather work and printing with the coach building factory constructing the iconic Green Goddess fire engine.

After the discovery of the TB cure in the late 1950’s the ‘Colony increased its care to cater for people with a large range of disabilities. Not only this, the care was extended to enable people to live independently and still provides affordable housing.

It was in 1963 the Papworth Trust was created from the Cambridgeshire Tuberculosis Colony. To this day the Papworth Trust continues to support thousands of disabled people as well as their families and carers. This help comes in the form of care, day services, houses and of course work opportunities and training.

Donate or Fundraise

In addition to the money generated from the cake sale Aclardian will also be making a donation to the Papworth Trust.
Should you wish to donate to this wonderful charity that has been tirelessly supporting those in need for over 100 years please follow the link below.

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