It is always exciting to have something new and shiny be it a new pair of shoes or a dynamic new website. Here at Aclardian we are proud to announce the launch of the all new Aclardian website.

Although Aclardian have had a website site for many years that more than adequately served a purpose the new website takes us to the next level. Not only is the new site far more user friendly we think it also looks more up to date and easy to navigate.

Aclardian Online Ordering.

The key feature that was not previously available is the addition of the complete range of Aclardian products. The new system will enable registered customers to browse the Aclardian products and place orders online. It is now possible to search for your products simply by name, tariff type and administration.
In addition there are several separate advantages firstly the products are only visible to registered customers with a password and secondly there are no online transactions. That is correct, simply place your order online and you will receive a confirmation email with a receipt of your order. We will then dispatch your order and where necessary or requested we will contact you.

New Customer?

If you are a new unregistered user you will not be able to see the products but do not worry, simply fill out the ‘Account Request’ on the website and we will get in contact with you.

Aclardian is a leading provider of unlicensed medicines also known as ‘specials’.  Based in Cambridge and established in 2011 Aclardian’s experienced team is dedicated to bringing the most needed medicines, in appropriate formulations to hospital and community pharmacies throughout the UK.

So pay our new Aclardian site a visit and experience the ease of now being able to peruse and order our products online. Naturally if you have any questions please feel free to get in contact with us by phone, email or through the new site as we will be very happy to help.

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