To some the term unlicensed medicines may give a slightly uneasy feeling, conjuring thoughts of untested or even experimental drugs. However this is very far from reality with unlicensed medicines offering both patients and authorised prescribers benefits from both a health and financial perspective.

What Is an Unlicensed Medicine?

A special unlicensed medicine is simply a medicine that has not been issued a product licence also known as a MA (Marketing Authorisation) by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). This does not mean that the drug is untested or trialled and it is important to remember that many prescribed food and vitamin supplements fall under this category.

When is an Unlicensed Medicine Prescribed?

A fully licensed medicine is licensed specifically for the treatment of a given condition where as an unlicensed medicine can be prescribed for different conditions, naturally this puts more responsibility onto the prescriber.
Additionally there are cases in which the licensed version of the medicine may not be available in a form that the patient can accept and it is on cases such as this where Aclardian will source a special.
Less commonly prescribed drugs may also be unlicensed as it was not financially viable for the manufacture to go through the MA process. Also a drug licensed in a foreign country such as the USA will not be licensed in the UK unless it to goes through the MHRA procedure.


Many of the Aclardian unlicensed medicines are covered by the tariff system and are easily searched on the new Aclardian website.
A common misconception is that all special unlicensed medicines are expensive due to smaller batch runs and questionable pricing structures. At Aclardian you can clearly view all of our medicines pricing for both tariff and non-tariff items.


Aclardian can be found on the Scottish Health Board approved supplier list and this is because at Aclardian we believe in complete pricing transparency. You will know exactly what you will be paying once using our new online ordering system.
To view your pricing simply register with Aclardian and we will send you your login details to the product section of the Aclardian website.

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